Kendra has been riding horses since she was three years old.  She got her first pony when she was five and competed in 4-H shows.  Kendra learned both English and Western from her first instructor, Treasure Cary.

At age thirteen, Kendra became involved with the Arabian horse breed.  She trained and showed her stallion, Nahborr, in English, Western, Costume and Dressage.  Nahborr and Kendra won many championships and was National Top Ten Dressage at First and Second Level.

Kendra has trained and shown several breeds of horses in several disciplines, such as hunter/jumpers, eventing and dressage.

She is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist and has her German Bronze Medal which she earned while training in Germany.

She has trained with Dr. Cesar Parra and Marco Bernel.  She has also ridden under Lars Petersen,  Alex Wortman (German clinician), Dr. Moritz, Linda Zang, Sally O'Conner, Karen O'Conner, Loma Fowler, Ray Texel, Janet Brown Wysoski, Thomas Poulin, Walter Zettl, Jochen Hipperstil, and Hannes Mueller (Master of German Riding School). 

Kendra has won many Dressage Championships on her own and clients horses, such as Region 9 Championships in Training, 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level, 4th level, Prix St. George, Intermediare 1 and Freestyles.  She has also qualified, shown and placed horses for such prestige's shows as Young Horse Championships in Kentucky and the Dressage at Devon shows.

 Robby has been riding and showing horses all his life.  His expertise lies in the starting and training of young horses.  He builds confidence and stability in the horses he works with.  He works all the ground training such as loading into trailers, desensitizing, long lining, and general manners.  He then starts them under saddle.

Robby rides both English and Western and gives instructions in both disciplines including roping.  He is familiar with the training pyramid in dressage and starts the young horses forward, supple and over their backs.

He loves working with young riders and young horses.  Robby is like the famous Will Rogers," he's never met a man (or horse) he doesn't like".

Laura McGinnis is dedicated to the training of young and old horses alike.  Laura will work with you and your horse in a quiet and respectful environment.  Rather than making you the boss, she helps create a partnership between you and your horse.  With this approach, your horse will learn to enjoy the type of work you desire from your horse.  Whether it is for dressage or for trail riding, Laura designs a training program to meet the specific needs of you and your horse.

Laura specializes in training young horses, re-starting and working with unconfident horses with a gentle and loving approach  Training horses in a quiet environment gives them the chance to learn quickly.  Laura does a lot of ground work with leading, lunging and long lining before sitting on the horses.  That will help give them the understanding and the confidence to carry a rider on their back.

Laura also offers experience with Off the Track Thoroughbreds.  Having worked with a trainer who fostered horses for CANTER, working as the rider with New Vocations, riding Thoroughbreds on the track as well as owning OTTB's of her own, Laura has a wonderful knowledge of OTTB's.  Laura has found a vast love for these "misunderstood" horses.

Laura's phone:  561-373-4067
Email:  LRMcGinnis@gmail.com