24& 25 Aug 2013@ White Fences Show:
Ashley Walker and  Tigger performed a 2rd level freestyle and aced it Sunday with a First place score of 70.5%.  On Saturday, got a 65.5%

Houston Dressage Society Laborious Day Show l and 11

We had perfect horseshow weather for a change.  The extreme hot weather took a break and cooled off.  Our lineup of horses was a lot less then normal.  We only had 4 horses at the show and that is very unusual for Caballo Ranch.  We are proud to announce that Kendra and her new horse, Pjerro, got a First and a Second in Third Level, Test 3 with scores in the 60%.  This was PJ's first show in the U.S. and we are very proud of him.  Courtney Bauer and her horse, Nova, won both of his Third Level, Test 3, Jr. classes 64+%.  She was extremely excited to earn her first 9!  Kiki and Kendra did very well in their first time to ride First Level scoring in the upper 60%. 


Houston Dressage Society Summer Classic I and II

It was hot, hot but we made it through the three days.  Thank goodness for fans and RV's with air conditioners.  So sorry our Courtney Bauer and Nova were not there.  Nova is on the injured reserved list, so didn't make the last couple of shows.  That puts them out of the running for the Jr. Rider Team and they were so close to making it.  Hope next year is better.  Kendra won First on Don Shico in Grand Prix, both shows, First on Kiera in Training Level, both shows, Second on Brandon 7 in Intermediare I, both shows.  Shelby won First on Renegate in Intermediare I, Jr. Rider at both shows.  Hiliary Power took a Third in Second Level on her mare Lucy.  Peggy got scores in the 60s on Victor and Holly did exceptionaly well on her mare, Valentina, for their very first show. Danielle rode our young Fiana in training level and got scores in the 60s.  She is doing a wonderful job of training our horse and we give her a great big thanks.   

Houston Dressage Society Spring Classic I and II

We actually had a show without any rain.  What a change.  Brandon and Kendra took three first places and one second place in his Intermediare I and Freestyle classes.  He is beginning to get over his show nerves and becoming much better behaved in his classes.  Kiera and Kendra won all three of their Training level classes.  Danielle and Don Shico took a First and a Second in their 4th Level class.  Danielle now has both of her scores in 4th level towards her Silver Medal.  They will now be competing in Prix St. George classes.  Courtney Bauer and Nova placed second in both of their Jr. Tests with scores of 61 and 62%.  They rode their first freestyle and came in third.  We are so proud of them.  They have a good chance of making this years team.  Shelby and her mare April had a few troubles at the show but it will get better for them.  We are so very proud of the entire ranch team.  They work hard and deserve every honor they receive.

Texas Dressage Classic I & II

We had a wonderful time at the show.  The weather was perfect for the first two days, but Sunday was cold and raining.  Had to cancel most of the classes for that day.  Our young horses were very fresh because of the change of weather and we didn't want to risk injury to our upper level horses.  But we faired very well the first two days.  Kiera, Castlerock's young horse, shown and trained by Kendra, won both of her classes and took High Point Champion.  Brandon and Kendra won their Intermediare I Class with a 63.42%.  Kendra and Don Shico took 4th in the $10,000 Texas Freestyle Classic.  Danielle Weldon and Don Shico won their Fourth Level Test which gives Danielle her first score towards her Bronze Medal.  We are so very proud of our Junior Rider, Courtney Bauer and her horse Nova, for their beautiful rides in the Junior Team and Individual Tests.  She placed second in both classes with a 66.35% and a 62.8%.  Way to go girl!!

San Antonio Spring Dressage I & II, March 20-21, 2010

Our first show of the season went very well despite the stormy, cold, and windy day.  It made for a few "fresh" horses.  Kendra and Don Shico debuted at Grand Prix.  We are very proud of Don Shico for coming back from multiple injuries to successfully compete in his first Grand Prix class.  We are also proud of Kiera, Cassel Rock Trakehener's 5 year old mare, for winning with Kendra in her Training Level classes both Saturday and Sunday with a 72%.  She was Champion Training level horse on Saturday.

Courtney Bauer came out very strong on her gelding, Nova, Saturday, winning her JR/YR competition, showing everyone she was a competitor to watch for in making the team for Kentucky.  Shelby Neese and April's Idea has made such improvement in the mare's show nerves and was successful demonstrating the brillance April has in the show arena.  We are proud of Shelby's work and determination.  Hilliary Powers came in from school this weekend for the show.  She competed Lucy for the first time at 3rd level (in a double bridle) and did an awesome job with her.  It was lovely to watch and shows the greatness they are heading for together as a team.  Danielle Weldon competed on her TB gelding, Mikey, at First Level (since I borrowed Don Shico back from her).  Danielle is showing us more and more her ability as a trainer and a competitor.  Mikey has really matured and has come a long way.  He had great moments in the show arena demonstrating his correctness of training.   Overall, it was a very successful and a very wonderful time.  I would like to thank all of my students and parents for the teamwork and support everyone showed this weekend.


Great American/USDF Region 9 & Southwest Dressage Championships and HDS Autumn Classic, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2009

Could that be rain again?  This is by far the wettest show season we have ever had.  Thank goodness the facilities in Katy are excellent and HDS did a great job keeping the outdoor arenas in good shape.  We were lucky to have a lull in the rain for our outdoor rides and it did finially clear up.  Congratulations go to Kendra for winning the Training Level Great American Open Championship  and the Reserve Champion SWDC on Castlerock's mare, Kiera.  Also First Place in HDS's Autumn Classic on Kiera.  Daneille Weldon took the Bronze Medal on Sporthorse Connections gelding, Don Shico in SWDC Third Level Jr.Championship. She also won Show Champion 3rd Level Snaffle Bit.  Way to go girl!  All our other students did a great job winning a number of ribbons.  Sorry to say several of our upper level horses are on the injured reserve list and could not attend the show.  Better luck next year I hope.  Now we start our training for the 2010 show season.  See you in the spring.

Ft. Worth Dressage Club Schooling Show, Oct. 17, 2009

 A wonderful time was had by all.  Ft. Worth Dressage Club did an icredible job of putting this show on with lots of fun, education and good food.  We took several of our students and their horses.  Leslee Covington on Poco Del, Esmaralda Segura on Chili, Courtney Bauer on Tira and Novarredo, Peggy Meeker on Ole' Dan, Danelle Weldon on Fiana and Follow Me, Barbara Harty on Lenox, Dawn Johnson on Chili, Holli Yeary on Valentina, and Lyndsey Price on Ladyhawke.  We took home 11 First Places, 4 Second Places, 3 Third Places, 2 Fourth Places and 1 Fifth and Seventh place.  Kendra did two demonstration rides, a Freestyle on Don Shico and a Intermediare 1 on Novarredo. 
Texas Dressage Classic Fall l & ll, Sept. 25-27, 2009

Rain again, Oh No.  Actually it wasn't too bad.  The rain ended Thurs. evening and the arenas dried out rather well by Fri. afternoon.  First we must congratulate Ashley Walker and her rides on her mare, Scarletta.  Ashley is from Little Rock, Ark. and Scarletta has been in training at our ranch.  So this was Scarletta's first show and she made us all so very proud.  She acted like a seasoned show horse.  They took home lots of ribbons with some great scores like 66.786% in Training level.  Scarletta went back to Ark. with Ashley and we will miss both of them.  Hope to see them in the spring.  Also, big congratulations to Danielle Weldon and Don Shico.  They won both of their Third Level classes with 67.9% and 60.97%.  Way to go Danielle.  Kendra rode Don Shico in the Third Level Freestyle class on Saturday night.  She placed Fourth so won some money and that is always nice.  We have quite a few horses on the injured list but hope to see them ready for the spring season.

Dallas Dressage Club Yellow Rose Festival l & ll, Sept. 12-13

Oh my!  We have web feet!  It rained all weekend and I do mean rain, pouring down rain.  What a disappointment.  Only one ring under cover, other two out in the elements.  We had 10 horses at the show, 25 classes entered and managed to ride in 4 of them.  Two of our upper level horses are injured so had to cancel them out.  However, Courtney Bauer rode her new horse, Nova, for the first time at a show and did great.  She placed 2nd in Third Level Test Three Junior Rider with a 63.7% on Saturday, and First Place on Sunday with a 65.1%.  We are so proud of her and wish her best of luck in 2010 Jr. Rider program.  Lyndsey Slough slopped around the outdoor arena on Sunday with her pony, Tiger.  His first show and they did great.  He won his class  with a 53.2%.  Shelby Neese rode her mare, April, on Sunday in First Level Test 4 under less then perfect conditions and took third with a 60%.  They shut down the outdoor arenas shortly after her ride.  The footing was getting very dangerous.  Kendra only managed to ride Castlerock's mare, Kiera, on Saturday and won the Training Level Test 2 with a 68.2%.  Congratulations to all our brave riders. 

Houston Dressage Society Laborious Day Shows l & ll, Sept.5-6

Congratulations Danielle Weldon for being a three weekend wonder on her mount Don Shico.  She is now a Bronze Medal winner.  Don Shico is on loan to her by Sporthorse Connections.  We are all excited for Lyndsey Price getting her horse, Tiger, measured and becoming an official pony.  The downside was he came up lame in her class, so had to be excused.  She did great on her mare, Ladyhawk, with scores in the high 60's in Training Level. Peggy Seleski showed her gelding, Victory for the first time in First Level and did a great job.  She also showed him in Training Level and scored in the high 60's.  Kendra took Champion Training Level on Kiera, owned by Castlerock.  She also showed her three year old, mare, Whisper for the second time and got a 70.4% and a 69.5% in Training Level.  Not bad for a 3 year old!!!   Brandon, ridden by Kendra did Sporthorse Connection proud with a 62.1% in Intermediare II and 71.3% in Intermediare I.  All in all, we came home with 6 First places, 3 Second places, 6 Third places, and 1 Fourth place.  Congratulations Team for a job well done.

San Antonio Fall Dressage Show l & 11, Aug. 29-30

We always enjoy the shows at the San Antonio Rose Palace.  It's a great faciliy and extremely nice Dressage Club.  We had a great show even though a couple of our faithful students were unable to attend, missed you Hiliary and Courtney.  Kendra and Brandon 7 won their Intermidiare ll classes and took Champion FEI Open.  Kendra also took Reserve Champion Training Level Open on her 3 year old, filly, Whisper.  This was Whisper's debut and we are so proud of her for acting like a seasoned show horse.  Shelby Neese won her Intermediare l Jr. Rider classes and captured the Champion FEI Jr. Rider ribbon.  Danielle Weldon showed Don Shico in Second Level and took a First and a Second.  Both scores put her through her second step to receive her Bronze Medal.  Next weekend we go to Conroe where we hope she and Shico do as well in Third Level for the completion of her Bronze.  Good luck.

DDC Lemonade Daze Dressage Show I & II, July 25-26

With tempertures over 100 degrees, we still managed to shine brightly (with sweat) in all our classes, taking home 7 First Places, 4 Seconds, 2 Thirds and 3 Fourths.  Shelby Neese rode her gelding, Renagate, for the first time in Intermediare I and won both of her classes.  Danielle Weldon rode Sporthorse Connections gelding, Don Shico, at First Level and won both of those classes.  Danielle is working toward her Bronze Medal and will now move up to Second Level at the next show.  Hiliary Powers mare, Lucy, didn't make the show because of an injury, but she rode Caballo Ranch's mare, Chili, and did a wonderful job on her.  Elissa Goad rode, Courtney Bauer's mare, Tira and placed her First and Fourth in Training Level.  Caroline Sibley rode Barbara Hardy's mare, Lenox and placed her First in Training Level.  Kendra didn't show any horses this time around because she wanted to have a lot of time to help her students school their horses.  Many thanks to her for her devotion to her students.

Houston Dressage Society Summer Shows I & II, June 13-14

Dispite the Houston heat and humidity we had a great time and a great show.  Shelby Neese's mare, April, returned to the show ring after a year long recuperation from an injury.  She won her Training Level test with a whopping 77.8%.  The ribbon wall was again loaded with 8 First Places, 6 Second Places, 2 Third Places and 1 Fourth Place.  Everyone has improved their scores considerably during the Spring season.  Now we work this summer to get even bigger improvement and work our way up another level before the Fall season begins.  Have a great summer and we will see you again in Sept. 

DDC Spring Shows I & II, May 9-10

First of all extra congratulations to Hiliary Powers and her mare, Lucy for their score of 70.27% in First Level Test Four and her Championship win in the first Freestyle class she has ridden.  A total of 11 Firsts, 4 Seconds, 3 Thirds, 1 Fourth and 2 Fifths were won by the Cabello Ranch Team.  We are so proud of our Junior and Adult Ameteur riders, they have been working very hard this spring to improve their horses and their riding skills.  They are very dedicated to the sport of Dressage.  


Oklahoma Dressage Society Spring Shows I and II, May 2-3

Our entire team has learned to quack like ducks.  In Oklahoma, when it rains it pours.  Thank goodness the facility is entirely enclosed, from stalls to warmup to arena.  The team did exceptionally well taking 13 Firsts, 3 Seconds and 2 Thirds.  We were a little disappointed with the scores however.  Kiera won the hight point Trakehner both shows, Hiliary won high point Jr. rider at 1st level on her mare, Lucy, and Kendra won high point open 2nd level on Victorious. 

Houston Dressage Society Spring Classic I and II, April 24,25, &26

Houston was fun as usual, we always have a great time at the Katy facility.  Because of the forecast of severe weather for Sunday afternoon in the DFW area, we opted to cancel classes and leave early.  As luck would have it, the bad weather held off until Monday morning.  But we were glad our horses were tucked into their own beds when it hit.  All our riders did a bang up job of showing their horses.  Can't begin to tell you how proud we are seeing such great improvement in our Young Riders, scores are on the rise as are our class levels.  Again, our stall front was covered with Red and Blues.

Ft. Worth Dressage Club Spring Fling, April 4-5, 2009

Our first show of the season was a huge success and we want to thank the Ft. Worth Dressage Club for a well organized and fun show.  Shelby Neese showed her gelding, Renegate;  Hillary Powers showed her mare, Lucy;  Courtney Bauer showed her mare, Chili; Peggy Seleske showed her gelding, Victory;  Danelle showed her gelding, Mikey and Kendra Menzies showed her mare, Froshkiss and several of her clients horses, Fabiani and Wolkenfurst (Sporthorse Connections), KiKi (Castlerock Trakehners) and Victorious (Marilyn Franklin).

A total of 12 First Place, 9 Second Place and 1 Third Place ribbons hung proudly on the stall walls along with Froshkiss's Highpoint Trakehner Show One, Victory's Highpoint Swedish Warmblood, Victorious's Highpoint Dutch Warmblood, and Kiki's Highpoint Trakehner Show Two.

USDF Region 9 Dressage Championship & Great Plains Championship, October 17-19, 2008

Shelby Neese and her gelding Renagate are the Great Plains Champion Third and Fourth Level, Junior Rider.  They placed third in Fourth Level and fourth in Third Level in Great American.  We are so proud of this pair.  Shelby began her riding career in 2007 riding in Training Level and now look what she is doing in 2008.  Kendra and Victorious are the Great American Reserve Champion First Level.  Brandon 7 and Kendra are the Intermediare Freestyle Champion for Great Plains and Reserve Champion Intermediate Open for Great Plains.  Thanks to the Oklahoma Dressage Society for the good food and great time we had with them.  They are wonderful hosts.


Fort Worth Dressage Club Spring Fling, April 12-13, 2008.

Several of our students attended the show and had a great time in our opening show of the season. All of them came home with several ribbons, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. We are very proud of them and feel they gained a great experience.

Houston Dressage Society Spring Classic, April 26-27, 2008

Again it was a very successful show with many ribbons hanging on the wall. We give our students one big congratulations for a show well done.  A very special congratulations to Caroline Sibley for winning a beautiful silver tray for High Point JR/YR 3rd level on her horse, Chili.  All of our team works together to help make the shows such a complete success. When you have 11 horses showing in levels from Training to Intermediare 1, it takes a lot of willing hands to make the show run smoothly.

DDC Spring Shows, May 10-11,2008.

Another weekend, another great show. Hate to brag but the ribbons piled up again. A special congratulations to Barbara Harty and her horse, Lenox, for her ribbon for the Highest Scoring Horse of Show I, and congratulations to Kendra for Champion High Point FEI on Brandon 7, Show I  and Reserve Champion High Point FEI on Brandon 7, Show II.

Houston Dressage Society Summer Show I & II, June 14-15, 2008

How much prouder could we be of our great team?  The ribbons hung on our wall in abundance.  Congratulations to Courtney Bauer for her win on her horse, Tira, at Training Level.  Kendra won her Intermediare Freestyle and Intermediare I test on Don Shico.  She placed 1st or 2nd on her other two horses, "Kozy" and "Tory", in 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels. 

San Antonio Fall Dressage Show  I & II, Sept. 6-7, 2008

Great show, lots of fun, and lots of wins.  Our team did it again, 10 first places, 5 second places, 2 third places, 3 fourth places and 2 fifth places.  Kendra took 2 Championships on Brandon 7, Peggy took a Championship and a Reserve Championship on her horse, Victory and Kendra won a Reserve Championship on her new horse Fabiani.  We are extremely proud of Peggy for winning  High Point Adult Amateur.  This was Peggy's first show.